Created on December 15, 2013
R. de Diogo Brandão 7, 4050-381 Porto, Portugal

Dom Quixote e Sancho Pança

On Miguel Bombarda Street, We had the first legalized painted in 2013, artwork coordinated by the Circus Network, gallery and creative agency dedicated to the street art.
Work done with the collaboration of 3 artists : Mesk, Fedor and Mots, in a wall of 130 m3.
We can see D. Quixote emerges, accompanied by Sancho Pança in brown shades with a very "futuristic" horse.
Mesk, fedor_fedo, Mots—Dom Quixote e Sancho PançaMesk, fedor_fedo, Mots—Dom Quixote e Sancho Pança
Hunted by Rob R..

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