Created on July 23, 2017
Largo Gramsci, 28, 53036 Poggibonsi SI, Italië

To Be Passing 2

The second mural of the project in Poggibonsi, colorful and oniric, shows 4 rooms without doors and small windows on the top. In the main room a girl with black shoes is coming out from a big bag. She looks at you (a scary sight) and she holds a two-faced disturbing fish. On the bottom some origami birds are keeping the bag open. The bag itself is surreal cause it cannot be closed (it has hooks that are not right from the closing space). Is the discovering moment of life with creativity mood. Anyway the subject is the same of the other mural. In her birth room she has a giant turtle floating (freedom and dreams) and from her adult room (empty except 12 white small stones) a black crow is coming to point out the changing of life through growing. In her death room the light bulb still has the fish inside. That’s why the girl is living her present and she doesn’t consider her future moment of passing by.

Vera Bugatti—To Be Passing 2

Hunted by Tim. Pictures by provided by the artist.

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