Created on April 24, 2019
g.k. Hristo Smirnenski, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Living wall

Living Wall is a project involving а mural in the public space and a multi-artists visual performance complementary to the art concept.
A point of attraction for Visionary team has become Hristo Smirnenski district, Plovdiv,astonished by the poetry of Smirnenski.
Producer: VISIONARY / https://visionary.foundation
The project is part of the program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture - 2019.
Partners of the project are Orgachim, Aron Bulgaria, Photo Pavilion, T-Market, Hebros bus.
TSE, JahOne—Living wallTSE, JahOne—Living wallTSE, JahOne—Living wallTSE, JahOne—Living wall
Hunted by Visionary Foundation.
Pictures by Georgi Prokopiev, Vanesa Popova, Mihaela Draganova.

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