Created on June 8, 2021
1342 Cypress St, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Lil Nas X

The Gayborhood in Philadelphia, PA is our city’s LGBTQ+ Mecca, and home to many murals yet not many that celebrates the LGBTQ+ Community, or referencing the current times. Writer’s Block Rehab (1342 Cyprus Street Philadelphia, PA) wanted a mural of Lil Nas X since he is a visionary and proud voice and has been standing his ground despite controversy, conservatism and homophobia. The wall is 36 x 36 feet. I decided to pick three characters from the Montero (Call Me By Your Name) Music Video and portray each one in an ethereal, godly yet cherubic, otherworldly divinity. He is framed by free handed glowing crystals in a celestial scene that illuminate his skin with blues, pinks and purples. This mural is paying homage to queer culture. I hope this mural can provide the LGBTQ+ community in Philly even more beauty and reverence. 
Ash Ryan—Lil Nas XAsh Ryan—Lil Nas X

Hunted by Tim Marschang.