Created on March 29, 2018
1241 Carpenter Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Phillip Adams

Industrious Light: Main Belting Company

Done on October 1, 2016 - this is the third mural in the series done by the artist in the city. This one specifically, as noted by the artist - "the mural design and idea was through that machinery, to the curtains and drapery, to the fabric, to the tree, more as a symbolism, showcasing these hidden gems of history that have evolved and both of these speak to much for the urban fabric." The art depicts the historic use of the building and how its adopted to modern day - from creating tarps for wagons, for sailboats - into a thriving artists/business owners space.
Phillip Adams—Industrious Light: Main Belting CompanyPhillip Adams—Industrious Light: Main Belting Company

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