Created on August 10, 2017
2 Rue Emile Deslandres, Paris, France

Julien Malland aka Seth

Since 2001, the association "Lézarts de la Bièvre" organizes open doors of artists' workshops. On this occasion, carte blanche is given to an urban artist to stake out his works the course. This year, Julien Malland dit SETH has been selected, and has created a monumental fresco in the Croulebarbe district. 
This fresco is also made in homage to Maud Kwasniewski, artist, emblematic figure of the district, very involved in the life of the association "Lézarts de la Bièvre" who was at the origin of the realization of this fresco. 
SETH with its real name Julien Malland is a multi-faceted French Street Art artist whose work is nourished by his experiences as an eternal traveler, his social preoccupations and his love for popular cultures. It is his vision of the world, which he claims naive and poetic, which he proposes to us to discover. 
Fresco made in June 2013 
2 rue Emile Deslandres
Seth Globepainter—Julien Malland aka Seth

Pictures by Noel Perez .