Created on May 1, 2023
29 Rue des Cordelières, Paris, France

Seth & Kislow Paris

Known in France for the fresco "Fevet Neptunus Euniti", realized with Seth at the festival History of a Wall in Nantes, Alexey Kislow renews the experience in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. 
Recognizable by his surrealist influences and his intriguing and colorful universe, Kislow appropriates as much the bomb as the brush from high school. He made his daily life in the seaside town of Sebastopol, Ukraine, a muse for his works. Its territory inspires it but its frescoes often inaccessible gives rise to a second artistic approach: photography. 
Encountered during Seth's trip to Ukraine for his book "Extra muros, chronicles of a globe-painter", the two artists again collaborate on a Parisian fresco in August 2013. 
Still in the bluish hues, their fresco is imprinted with poetry. 
Fresco realized in August 2013 
29 rue des Cordelières Curated by Itinerrance Gallerie Paris 
Seth Globepainter, Алексей Кислов (Kislow)—Seth & Kislow Paris

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