Created on August 10, 2017
81 Boulevard Vincent-Auriol, Paris, France

Madre Secular

Born at the beginning of the 80s in Santiago, it is at the age of 14 years that INTI will begin its work in the street. Although his works are today the most respected in South America, the United States or Europe, it is still with the same energy that the artist continues to travel all over the world to offer us impressive Frescoes. 
The artist gives body to his characters in a game of graphic collage, and the parems of strong symbolic attributes, borrowed from the Latin American imagination, paganism and Christianity, which find together a contemporary resonance. 
Influenced by the street art scene as well as by the Mexican muralist tradition, the rich and colorful painting of Inti Castro immediately evokes his South American culture. Notable for its immense wall productions, Inti's work is characterized by his fetish character: the Kusillo. A carnival clown dressed in a patchwork of colorful fabrics directly from the Bolivian culture. With a subtlety of the line and a keen sense of detail, Inti Castro uses a personal universe, embedded in Chilean culture, enriched with the many influences he brings back from his many travels around the world. 
INTI was one of the first to intervene in 13th Lahire Street since the launch of the open-air museum project of the 13th. Since then, he has also been involved in various parts of the borough. 
This fresco, made in June 2016, is located at 81 boulevard Vincent Auriol.
Inti—Madre SecularInti—Madre Secular
Pictures by Noel Perez .

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