Created on May 16, 2017
131 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, Paris, France

L'Etang de Thau

Self-taught from Montpellier, Maye by his name Victorien Liria, was first introduced to graffiti and tag.  Gradually he moves towards drawings of skeletal characters and very slender to the point that we can see even their inner mechanics, questioning the current world between humanity and technoligy, nature and industrialization.  All playing on a plain background but generally degraded colors.  The warm side of his paintings always emphasize his origins, he comes from the warm zones of France.
Maye—L'Etang de ThauMaye—L'Etang de ThauMaye—L'Etang de Thau

Hunted by Milau (Delutu) Lutumba. Pictures by Delutu.