Created on October 6, 2022
Via Villagrazia, 209-B, 90125 Palermo PA, Italië


In rethinking a piece of this neighborhood,
I painted a fantastic river landscape where a Kingfisher stands in the center. Then herons, eels, frogs, water lilies and other examples of the flora and fauna that form the ecosystem of the Oreto river which is located a few meters below the place where the murals stand. The river, even if denied to the use of citizens, represents a very important natural resource for Palermo, the intent of this work is to at least create a visual link between it and the nearest neighborhood.
The intervention, which covers an area of ​​500 square meters, incorporating a bus stop and an old Enel tower, plays with design, but also wants to be, in flashes, ornamental and nostalgically retro. The original windows of the main building, shielded by square-shaped red metal filters, become a graphic motif of continuity even in the low walls. The pictorial story takes the form of a path that transforms itself in relation to the walls it encounters. Every living being, plant or fruit, seeks its place in the "habitat" we hope for, the one where man and nature can coexist in harmony.

Animal Hospital,
Cooperative Valle dell’Oreto.
Andrea Buglisi—Habitat Andrea Buglisi—Habitat
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist.

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