Created on February 24, 2022
Passaggio Nicola Barbato, 10, 90123 Palermo PA, Italië

"La ragazza del futuro"

"The Girl from the Future" is not just an album of songs but much more, an artistic project aimed in particular at young people of the our country. An artist today has the opportunity to overcome the barriers of the disc with music, through synergy and collaboration with other and new artists languages to bring a concrete message of hope for the boys and girls of the future. 👁

The #lOVORREI project is born. In collaboration with @cesarecremonini, with the very important support
teachers, school principals, families and above all together with boys and girls, eyes and hopes of the provinces and suburbs of Italy, we have painted the faces of the future on the canvases of the buildings in the neighborhoods of some cities, with the aim to create PERMANENT WORKS of value for the whole community.

Giulio Rosk—"La ragazza del futuro"Giulio Rosk—"La ragazza del futuro"Giulio Rosk—"La ragazza del futuro"
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist.

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