Created on July 31, 2018
Corso Tukory, 203, Palermo, PA, Italia

Faces are places

Cartoline da Ballarò
Five urban paintings that from 25 July to 1 August 2018 were painted simultaneously in five large walls of the Albergheria. The project, born from an idea of Igor Scalisi Palminteri and Andrea Buglisi, involved Alessandro Bazan, Andrea Buglisi, Angelo Crazyone, Fulvio Di Piazza and Igor Scalisi Palminteri who faced as many large walls located in the historic district of Ballarò / Albergheria. The monumental works have been conceived and designed to dialogue, each in its own way, with the urban fabric and the resident community of the neighborhood. Objective of the project: urban redevelopment through art, which is why squares were chosen that show signs of decay despite their great aesthetic and historical / cultural potential.
Alessandro Bazan—Faces are placesAlessandro Bazan—Faces are placesAlessandro Bazan—Faces are places
Hunted by Francesca Pau.
Pictures by Alessandro Bazan, Vincenzo Russo.

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