Created on January 1, 1970
466 Thomas L Berkley Way, Oakland, CA, United States

There's More to Green Than Money

Original write-up from amadeusmag x GRACE FENLASON:

Jet Martinez's largeest project yet, in collaboration with Athen B. Gallery, is titled “There’s More to Green than Money.” The flowers represent organic growth and beauty respectively. Through his use of an entirely green palette, Martinez learned a lot of about the use of green and contrasting. 

The front of the I. Magnin Building is tiled with dark greens and the one-time department store is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Oakland. Martinez was born in Mexico and gathers much of his inspiration from his heritage, especially Mexican folk art and Amante paintings. He based his design of the mural on both his own heritage and the art-deco style of the building.

“The I Magnin building for me has always been one of the most beautiful buildings in Oakland,” says Martinez. “A green tiled, art deco beauty, this building is a symbol of golden era from yesteryear.  After the devastating effects of the Reagan drug wars and the crack epidemic, downtown Oakland became a shadow of the vibrant space it once was.  Now, as downtown Oakland is experiencing a rebirth of sorts, I really felt a real responsibility to add to rather than subtract from this beautiful building and the downtown skyline.”

Martinez originally based the design of the mural on Oaxacan embroidery patterns, but evolved the depiction to incorporate architectural forms and the history of the building. 
Jet Martinez—There's More to Green Than MoneyJet Martinez—There's More to Green Than Money
Hunted by Natalie Cowan.

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