Created on July 1, 2017
ул. Высоцкого, 42, Ноябрьск, Ямало-Ненецкий автономный округ, Россия, 629803

Postage Stamp

In far, unexplored space, where is nothing, but frightening silence, coldness, and beautiful views of abysmal darkness with magic star speckles an important mission was accomplished in the history of a tiny planet: in the middle of July according to earth calendar a docking of two spacecrafts took place - Apollo and Soyuz coupled. 
Meanwhile, on the Earthly Round scientists got interested in Kholmogorskoye oil field: 4 months after the first group of path-breaker brought by helicopter landed there. This turned to be the start of wonderful town of Noyabrsk. 
The leap for mankind in the space exploration and the small step in the planet’s exploration happening in one year, caused the chain of great achievements. 
The postage stamp here is a symbol of an important for mankind occurrence in general and of an important occurrence for Noyabrsk in particular. It reminds of space that is closer and more interesting, than appears. Just like Noyabrsk.
SPEKTR—Postage Stamp
Hunted by Street Art Hunter.
Pictures by Pavel Ivanov.

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