Created on June 1, 2021
SS117, n6, Nicosia, EN, Italia


Mural commissioned by the Rotary Club of Nicosia and the municipality of Nicosia.
The mural reflects a symbol of life that resists winter. The robin brings hope, optimism and good wishes for the new year. And is also a sign of rebirth and renewal. This small but symbolic bird also represents the generosity of the citizens of Nicosia and the Rotary club which in these difficult times of the pandemic, have shown to take good care of the weakest ones in society. 
A Christian legend tells that these birds were originally gray, untill one of them tried to free Jesus, crucified with the crown of thorns. And became red by staining himself with his blood.
As a sign of gratitude, Jesus decided to leave the red colour to the little bird, so that everyone could recognize his goodness and generosity. 
The white cross that the bird carries on the red chest refers to this legend. But also takes the shape and colours of the municipial coat of arms of Nicosia. 
The work dialogues in form and content with "Fides", another mural by the artist in Palermo; in the fantastic and problematic area of Ballarò. A small hummingbird is immortalized in the utopian act of moving a large bolder.
Andrea Buglisi—CharitasAndrea Buglisi—CharitasAndrea Buglisi—CharitasAndrea Buglisi—Charitas
Hunted by Francesca Pau.

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