Created on October 12, 2019
Mariagatan 23B, 571 31 Nässjö, Sverige

Sju blommor (Seven flowers)

Curated by Nässjö council 2015. 
Borondo always decides what he will create when he arrives to his destination as he wants his artwork to relate to the site. In Nässjö he went out in the woods to get inspiration from nature. He thought it was very cool that you can go virtually anywhere you want outdoors, even if it’s private property. And he did enjoy picking blueberrys.
The mural is called ”Sju blommor” (Seven flowers), and it’s his interpretation of the old Swedish myth that if you pick seven different flowers on midsummers eve and leave them under your pillow, then in your dreams you will see who you will marry.
Borondo—Sju blommor (Seven flowers)Borondo—Sju blommor (Seven flowers)Borondo—Sju blommor (Seven flowers)Borondo—Sju blommor (Seven flowers)
Hunted by Fredric Sanabria.
Pictures by Jimmy Karlqvist.

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