Created on June 8, 2024
Zündappbogen 9, Werk 9, Grafinger Straße 6, 81671 München, Germany

Opium Den

Karl Marx said that “Religion is the opiate of the people” hence, a church would be an Opium Den. But there is more to it, the church on the picture is the Notre Dame of Paris, of which parts burnt down in 2019. It was a great tragedy, a symbol of the Western Society was in danger and so people started donating money….a LOT of money. Within a few weeks more than 800 million Euros were donated. Just imagine if people would donate these amounts to stop people dying in the Mediterranean, or what kind of social projects you could support with this amount of money….

This was done for Loomit at the Werksviertel in Munich.

Lapiz—Opium DenLapiz—Opium DenLapiz—Opium DenLapiz—Opium Den
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