Created on May 25, 2023
Dollmannstraße 27, 81541 München, Germany

Malaga loves Munich

Tourspain, in collaboration with the tourist authorities of Malaga, the city of Munich and under 
the artistic direction of StARTer Proyectos Culturales presents a mural in an emblematic place for 
urban art in Munich, HALT 58
This initiative, which is part of the 50th anniversary of Picasso's death in 2023, aims to bring Malaga 
and the environment that inspired the artist in many of his works from his childhood. 
The city influenced him in his early years, especially in his personal vision of the Mediterranean, its 
traditions and the symbols he incorporated into his works. 
The action, carried out by the Malaga´s artist Lalone in collaboration with the Munich-based 
artist Can Temizgezek invites us to rediscover the Andalusian place from an artistic perspective. 
The project initiated in Munich arose with the intention of generate connections between 
Malaga and different cities around the world and on this occasion it is the German Baveria 
capital the first place to host the proposal. 
Munich was the first city to present a large retrospective of Picasso during his lifetime in 1913 
thanks to the Thannhauser family. They were great patrons of his work and in their "Galerie 
Moderne" they showed the people of Munich the artist's innovative vision and that is one of the 
reasons why it is so important to start this project here.These and other aspects are shown in 
detail on the wall. 
The design has focused on the idea of fragmenting the vision, already proposed by Picasso andgenerating a play around the “M” that links the two cities in his name. The location of the wall is 
also loaded with meaning as it is supporting a bridge. A highly symbolic idea of union between 
two places. 
A mural for the five senses, where the public is invited to feel the smells, tastes and sounds of 
the Malagas city while the gaze travels through the past and the present. 
The wall offers a story between two characters, two periods and two moments that seem to be 
breathed on the wall. The view of one who discovers a place for the first time and someone who 
lives there. Symbols such as the Phoenician eyes, which are a constant in Picasso's work, winged 
bulls, jasmines... construct a story that invites the public to go deep into the details. 
Also the richness of the architecture where different styles coexist from the Islamic Alcazaba, 
through the Renaissance Cathedral to the most contemporary as the headquarters of Pompidú. 
An example of how the city of Malaga has been transformed into the fifth largest city in Spain 
and is already a major tourist destination and a great cultural reference in southern Europe. The 
city hosts forty museums, including the Picasso Museum and the house of Picasso's birth, 
where three big exhibitions will be held in 2023 to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. 
Both cities Málaga and Munich share aspects such as their care for traditions, their constant 
attention to the most contemporary culture, its interest in offering tourists a wide variety of 
proposals and activities. 
For that reason this wall is a symbol of the union between cities through culture. 
The associations Real München and Mehr Platz zum Leben have collaborated in the 
development of this initiative to build collaborative networks. 
Lalone, can temizgezek—Malaga loves MunichLalone, can temizgezek—Malaga loves MunichLalone, can temizgezek—Malaga loves MunichLalone, can temizgezek—Malaga loves MunichLalone, can temizgezek—Malaga loves MunichLalone, can temizgezek—Malaga loves MunichLalone, can temizgezek—Malaga loves MunichLalone, can temizgezek—Malaga loves Munich
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