Created on June 8, 2024
Dachauer Str. 90, 80335 München, Germany

Planet B

A man is sitting in a comfortable lounge chair escaping into the digital world. Maybe, he watches a documentary about the “green lung” – the untouched part of the Amazon rain forest on Netflix. As he is sitting there enjoying he does not pay any attention to his surroundings. The almond milk in his feel-good tote bag might protect dairy cows but their plantations demand so much water that vast areas are running dry. He doesn’t pay attention to the rose that is cultivated cheap in Africa and flown to Europe for Valentine’s Day (he is a romantic after all), nor the energy used to order his VR glasses or streaming. Instead, of enjoying nature as it is, a parallel, untouched universe is consumed.

This motive was painted in the stairwell of Kunstlabor 2 in Munich, using classical stencil technique as well as a photo wallpaper of a beautiful rain forest.

Lapiz—Planet BLapiz—Planet BLapiz—Planet BLapiz—Planet B
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