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Adapted from Alexandre Froment’s Insta post
This samurai is called Yasuke, the first and only black samurai. He’s know for an honorable action. He saved a child’s life while disregarding his own safety. 
Despite his rank as a servant, he defended what he thought was right while knowing the terrible fate that would be reserved for him. The Daïmio, indisputable leader of the Japanese army of his time, witnessed the scene and saw in him a strength and an honor worthy of a warrior. He took him under his wing for many years and accorded him the sacred title of samurai. 
No matter where you come from , your differences, the way you look, the most important thing are your actions, what you do with what life throws at you. This will really define you. 
Very cool style and story by Alexander aka Fragments
Instagram: @fragments.artiste
Hunted by Movie Scientist.
Pictures by MovieScientist , MovieScientist.

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