Created on February 24, 2021
17 Rue Alfred Bruyas, Montpellier, France


Mask Sling Gouzou

During Jace’s latest visit to Montpellier for his newest exhibition in Galerie At Down called Punishment or Punition in French he left us a few of his cute Gouzous. This one is located at the close to the old Royale cinema and couldn’t be more on the flavor of the current context.
A mask used as a sling that catapults this little Gouzou crashing into the wall. The wall really comes alive when you see it from close. Once again fantastic by Jace. I’m not sure the city will leave this for long in the historical city center. So go check it out before it’s wiped out!
The exhibition is on from the 25th of February to the 25th of March 2021. C

JACE—Mask Sling GouzouJACE—Mask Sling GouzouJACE—Mask Sling GouzouJACE—Mask Sling GouzouJACE—Mask Sling Gouzou

Hunted by Movie Scientist. Pictures by MovieScientist.