Created on December 31, 2022
Imp. des Violettes, 34170 Castelnau-le-Lez, France

Love is Coming

Love is Coming = Love & Future by @sunra_ 
L’Amour et Avenir

To start well the year on my return to Montpellier I couldn’t help to go check out local hero @sunra_ latest wall. 
The young boxer in this wall is none other than Sunra’s son Aden. This wall and the message is conveys were inspired by a drawing Aden gave his Dad and Mom one day after school. According to Sunra his son gave them the most beautiful drawing where he had mistakenly written « L’Amour et Avenir »= Love and Future . He wanted to wanted to write « L’Amour est à Venir »= Love is Coming.  This pun really touched Sunra and he decided he would use it in one of his future works. This wall represents the child that fights for their future, that fights for a better world filled with Love ❤️ 
Sunra decided to replicate his son’s phrase and handwriting making this wall their first collaboration. 
Sunra—Love is Coming Sunra—Love is Coming Sunra—Love is Coming Sunra—Love is Coming
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