Created on March 29, 2020
Synerg-In — WorkLab, Avenue de la Mer-Raymond Dugrand, Montpellier, France

AL Sticking, Clara Langelez


This is the first collaboration beween these two very talented Montpellier based artists done as a commission for the newly opened offices of the SYNERG-IN Worklab in the Marché du Lez. Like they say SYNERG-IN is a really smart place to do business, meetings, seminars or a nice meal in a very conducive and artistic co-working space
This full piece consists of 3 murals. The first one is located outside the building in the older patio of Marché du Lez (and the one you can see freely) and two other that you'll need to go inside the offices to admire. The murals inside are called Hybride Parole- and Vegetale Envolé and the final one the big mural outside is called simply Synergie.

Al Sticking: comes originally from Ile de France and can be called an ephemeral urbanist does that mostly sticking but not just that. You can find several of his pieces arounf Montpellier and quite a few of them on this app.
If you want to know more about Al just clikc here (it's in French thoug): http://streetlove.fr/interview/al-sticking/

Clara Langelez is orginaly and interior design architect in paris and after a few years working in an agency decided she needed a change and left all behind to go on a great, big adventure. This inspired her to go back to basics and her basics were drawing. She's fascinated by the aura of faces and their expressions and focus her work on these two themes. Portraits are thee majority of her work and you can find them glued around Montpellier or her commissions in private spaces suhc as the one described here. Unfortunately they never last long on Montpellier's walls but they are beautiful and very sensitive, touching really. (partly based on her own words that you can find here: https://www.claralangelez.com/a-propos

Instagram Clara Langelez: https://instagram.com/claralangelez?igshid=jfqid1acce5n
Instagram AL Sticking: https://instagram.com/alsticking?igshid=htd1hqdgp69i

AL Sticking, Clara Langelez—SynergieAL Sticking, Clara Langelez—SynergieAL Sticking, Clara Langelez—Synergie

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