Created on July 3, 2021
4 Avenue Jean Villejean, 45500 Gien, France

"Eau de Loire"

Water has always been synonymous with life.
The human being developed the first civilizations along great rivers.
The city of Gien is located on the banks of the loire river, the second most important in France, where ospreys, common terns or grey herons are some of many species that coexist, live and take advantage of its resources, such as the habitants of Gien. 
This water tank (1400m2) is one of many that can be seen in this area. Very flat lands that need high places to store water and be able to distribute it. Totems over 35m high. TAQUEN 
taquen—"Eau de Loire"taquen—"Eau de Loire"

Hunted by Fabe Collage. Pictures by fabecollage.

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