Created on February 23, 2021
IUT Orléans, Rue d'Issoudun, Orléans, France

ALASKA.PATAGONIE La grande traversée

The idea for this mural was to surprise a little with the theme, and to convey a message that could inspire the students of this university. For this, I chose to talk about the adventure carried out by a couple of friends, which was the biggest challenge of their life: Going from Alaska to Patagonia, by bike!
This adventure was a physical challenge for them of course, but also in terms of the organization, the mind, the need of reactivity in various and varied situations, and so on. But not only.
They were also able to discover a different continent from the one they knew, see landscapes and wildlife as they would not have been able to via a more “traditional” trip, but above all discover different cultures, and learn from all the people. that they encountered. I find this adventure as beautiful as it is loaded with meaning, and this is what I would like to convey through this painting. TIM MARSH
Tim Marsh—ALASKA.PATAGONIE La grande traversée Tim Marsh—ALASKA.PATAGONIE La grande traversée
Hunted by Fabe Collage.
Pictures by lucie cottin .

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Camera usedCanon EOS 5D Mark III
Date created2021-02-23T23:00:00.000Z
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