Created on September 26, 2023
Av. de Cuesmes 12, 7000 Mons, België

The Fisher Girl

Just got back from an awesome road trip to the @mons_larthabitelaville festival with my man Rob. I always love the atmosphere of festivals. It’s a great chance to vibe with fellow artists. Fun fact: Vincent Van Gogh spent some time not far from here.
A big thanks to the whole crew behind the festival and their supporters. Baptiste @bfstudio.7000, you’re the soul of this event, your dedication really shines through. And a special shoutout to @rob_macht_sachen, greatfull havin you always by my side. @ainiac_official for the great management 🙏
Huge thanks to the beautiful @oceanagalmarini 🤍 for being my photo reference once again.
Wishing all the other artists all the best as they wrap up their pieces. Excited to see the final works!
Bane—The Fisher Girl
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