Created on May 20, 2023
Rue Gérard 1, 7020 Mons, België
NOIR Artist's new mural in Mons was commissioned by Italvin, an Italian wine and spirits company. The aim of the mural was to highlight the family history behind the management of the company, which spans several generations.

Originally from Udine in Italy, the family's grandfather left his country to come live and work in Belgium. His hard work led to the creation of his company Italvin in 1978, and it is thanks to him that his children and grandchildren have been able to benefit from the fruits of his labour. Today, the family business is expanding rapidly and enjoying great success!

To express this history through his mural, NOIR has chosen to represent the grandfather by a strong animal, the tiger. On its snout, the tiger carries a squirrel, symbolising the future generations of the family who will be able to pick the fruit from which the company originated and ensure that it continues to prosper. The golden bunch was chosen to represent the product sold by Italvin, wine. 

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Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist.

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