Created on July 18, 2017
343 Avenue de l’Université, Moncton, NB E1C 5K4, Canada

Molly Muise

The woman pictured on this mural is Molly Muise, who was a well-respected, Mi'kmaq elder during the 19th century. She is best known as the subject of one of the oldest known photographs of a Mi'kmaq woman. 
Muise was well-respected for her wisdom and advice, not only in her small Mi'kmaq community in Nova Scotia but by non-Indigenous people as well, which was "exceptional" for her time.

We hope the mural will encourage people to talk about First Nations issues and the need to educate themselves about Indigenous culture and history.

the mural was an intense and emotional project for everyone involved.
The descendants of Molly Muise visited the artist and a smudging ceremony took place onsite before the beginning of work.
Wasp Elder received the Mi'kmaq flag from a representative of the community, which he then raised to the top of the crane. His work has been decorated, as a sign of friendship and thanks from the Mi'kmaq community at the end of the work.

Erin Holly—Molly Muise
Hunted by Festival Inspire.
Pictures by Louis Philippe Chiasson.

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