Created on June 17, 2016
216 Gauvin Road, Dieppe, NB, Canada

The fox

Do not, above all, tell Philippe Baudelocque that he is a street artist : he hates being confined to the street. Or anywhere else for that matter!
His freedom is of paramount importance : processes, creative supports… His thing is to experiment. His white chalk drawings on black were first discovered several years ago, on the façade of a boutique in a street in the Marais.
His notorious graphic animals and poetic constellations have gone from strength to strength. Baudelocque loves breaking down traditional barriers and building bridges between artistic and commercial worlds and spheres.

These black and white ideas have a calm humanity, at peace with itself and its environment.

Philippe Baudelocque—The fox
Hunted by Festival Inspire.
Pictures by Louis-Philippe Chiasson.

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