Created on February 22, 2024
7901 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33150, USA

Liberty City History Mural

Liberty City, a historically significant neighborhood in Miami, Florida, became the canvas for a monumental mural project led by artist Kyle Holbrook in partnership with students from Florida International University (FIU) and the journalism department. This collaborative endeavor unfolded over three months, involving extensive engagement with the community.

The process began with interviews conducted with various stakeholders, including residents, community groups, senior citizens, and youth organizations. These interviews aimed to gather insights into the history and identity of Liberty City, as well as the aspirations and values of its residents. Through this inclusive approach, the vision for the mural began to take shape, reflecting the collective narrative of the community.

Holbrook and his team worked closely with local authorities, including the mayor and the governor, to ensure the project's alignment with the community's needs and aspirations. The endeavor received sponsorship from Pinnacle Housing and the Louis Wolfson III Foundation, which facilitated its realization.

Situated prominently along I-95, a major thoroughfare in Miami with over 700,000 cars passing by each day, the Liberty City mural became a highly visible landmark. Its location ensured that it would be seen by a vast audience, making it a symbol of the neighborhood's identity and resilience.

The mural itself, a masterpiece by Kyle Holbrook, serves as a tribute to the rich history and cultural heritage of Liberty City. Through vibrant imagery and poignant symbolism, it captures the spirit of the community and celebrates its achievements and contributions. As a work of public art, the mural invites anyone who visits Miami to experience the story of Liberty City and its people, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

Kyle Holbrook—Liberty City History MuralKyle Holbrook—Liberty City History MuralKyle Holbrook—Liberty City History Mural
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