Created on January 3, 2023
63 NW 28th St, Miami, FL 33127, Verenigde Staten


Each one of the murals is guided by a series of principles that compose the main philosophy of
the artist: The artist does not paint having the materials as point of reference or to give a
decorative meaning to support the concept behind, even he is not aware of the hours spent in the
mystical trance that the process of painting entails. Through this ancient ritual Antonyo Marest
faces gigantic spaces of color while he allows himself to be devoured by the immensity of
Abstract Art. The importance of creating a harmonious transition that unites architecture,
design, and art in all its expressions surrounded the process with the aim to create the perfect
urban space in an elegant, welcoming, and innovative way. The artist is constantly looking for
something more than the mere functionality of the elements that build a habitat with the aim to
lead us to a higher sensitive concept and to apply it to the architectonical landscape in urban
The rich geometry divides each mural into a succession of scenes that embody a story: Tropical
vegetation, Art Deco elements and a powerful color field that does not lead to the transmission
of feelings but to an entire concept split in different scenes. Capital elements are carefully
chosen considering that despite of its youth as a city, Miami presents a melting pot of cultures
that just a few cities in the world can offer bringing with that a dynamic social environment
plenty of positive and diverse energy. MAYAMI EXISTENCE is a result of a conscious
creation process which captures the essence of the city, endowing each piece with a specific
meaning, origin, and destination. The artist who is trained in Contemporary Art integrates the
entire concept from the idea to the type of line used in each pictorial element.
Additionally, Antonyo Marest and his team integrate in their artworks the representation of
humanist and natural landscapes to an urban environment, leaving it as a legacy to last over
time. To achieve that, the artist uses a language that makes both the locals and the new ones to
know that they are walking on a common land inherited from our parents. As a unity with the
past and the future the principles of love and respect for the diversity should be preserved as
they make us unique but at the same time connected with the entire world. We are the sage that
runs through the new branches of an ancient tree whose roots are born from the earth and thanks
to diversity and multiculturalism, make the world a space for coexistence, life, and celebration.
In this sense, we feel very close to share a point of view and a discourse where art, architecture
and design are united. The three of them as the Three Contemporary Graces of the public space
build spaces that connect people, raising a purely social and cultural movement: The
democratization of art and the richness of our diversity. And believe us, within art, there is no
greater gift.
Hunted by Tim.

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Camera usedDJI FC220
Date created2023-01-03T23:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited States