Created on April 25, 2023
Calle del Marqués de Viana, 52, 28039 Madrid, España

Paisaje urbano

A woman and a man stand with their backs turned away from each other, their heads turned in opposite directions facing outward, their hands crossed behind their backs. Only the heads and hands are pictorially finished, while the rest of the body remains as a sketch with a reference to the Madrid City Hall.

In the words of Borondo, the author: "After witnessing several truly grotesque scenes provoked by the authority forces and knowing about the new laws proposed by the government that only encourage the abuse of power, I decided to dedicate this mural to its sponsor, the Madrid City Hall, and to reflect my feelings about it. What, from my point of view, the citizens of Madrid carry on their backs". 
Borondo—Paisaje urbano

Hunted by Merengalo.

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