Created on February 12, 2023
C. del Monte Perdido, 53, Puente de Vallecas, 28053 Madrid, Spain


The artistic collective Boa Mistura presents RE-VS, a project that reflects on the virtual and the real.

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The artistic collective Boa Mistura presents RE-VS, a project that reflects on the virtual and the real

february 13, 2023 Last update: February 13, 2023 DIGITAL ART

Boa Mistura, the artistic collective with roots in graffiti born in Madrid at the end of 2001, returns to reflection through a dialogue between the space, its inhabitants and the ties that exist between the two

RE-VS.(reversus) is a multiplatform project between public and digital art. The name is based on the combination of “RE” as a prefix, meaning what is repeated several times; and “VS”, the abbreviation of the Latin versus, as indicative of opposition or confrontation, both material and immaterial. This is how “REVERSUS” is born, from the Latin "reverso", conceptually understood as the opposite part of the front of a thing.

The project explores the relationship between the physical and the digital world, between public and private space, between the collective and the individual, through the modifications that one suffers as a consequence of the actions that occur in the other.

Boa Mistura establishes relationships between plastic art and digital art by performing a performance broadcast in streaming through his YouTube channel.

The starting point is a large 10x10 meter mural on the façade of a building adjacent to Boa Mistura 's studio in the Vallecas neighborhood.

The work will be digitized, fragmented and transformed into 35 unique NFTs, which can only be purchased during the ARCOmadrid 23 fair (from February 22 to 26) at the PONCE +ROBLES stand and through the Obilum digital art platform .

Each time the sale of one of the NFTs is completed, Boa Mistura will erase the fragment corresponding to that digital piece from the mural in real time, with those individual actions that occur in the virtual world determining the final result of the work.

Boa Mistura—RE-VSBoa Mistura—RE-VS
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