C. Miguel Servet, 21, 28012 Madrid, Spanje

Swinton Gallery & Grant Libreria

Grant Librería was founded in May 2014, together with Swinton Gallery, with the aim of being a cultural space of reference in Madrid. At Grant Librería, the emphasis is on bibliographical selection, providing a diversified and specialised collection diversified in the field of essays, comics, fanzines, artist's books, narrative and illustrated books. A selection where one can find a varied and complete collection, and in many cases, in its original language. The bookstore hosts presentations, signings, lectures, screenings and cultural activities that show the critical, contemporary and free spirit that characterizes us.
Swinton Gallery is a meeting place for creators from multiple disciplines that work with current codes and languages. A unique space that diversified accommodates projects by artists from all over the world. The main criterion in Swinton Gallery is very open, but the artist's artistic path prevails, as well as his/her story, always new and projected into the future with artworks that unite knowledge and new ways of thinking. The gallery sometimes functions as a residence, allowing artists to create unique works and installations, often ephemeral, that are directly related to the present, society. Faithful to these premises, Swinton is an open and free space where all artistic disciplines are contemplated and which defends a plural, queer, transgressive, feminist and contemporary programme.
—Swinton Gallery & Grant Libreria—Swinton Gallery & Grant Libreria—Swinton Gallery & Grant Libreria—Swinton Gallery & Grant Libreria
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