Created on September 4, 2023
Jaagpad Oost 36, 6219 NM Maastricht, Nederland


Initially designed by hand on paper, this lasercut and spaypainted installation creates a moire pattern by pas- sing by. A connection is intended to happen between object and subject, artwork and audience. Iman Skyone questions the relation between human and technology by asking: “who stimulates what?“ The artworks ratio of 16:9 refer to Instagram reels which provide an potentially infinite scrolling scenario which is alike the ques- tion. While installing “Alternate“ the artist and his partner pretended to be working on a official comission by dressing and acting like construction workers with professional equipment during daytime.

Iman Skyone—AlternateIman Skyone—AlternateIman Skyone—AlternateIman Skyone—Alternate
Hunted by NielsP.

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone 7 Plus
Marker typeartwork