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Nelly Duff

Nelly Duff is a contemporary commercial art gallery in Bethnal Green, London. It is based at the foot of Columbia Road market in the East End of London. It works with Ben Eine, The Toaster, and other artists. The gallery's name is taken from the Cockney rhyming slang for "life".
Nelly Duff in their own words:
"Nelly Duff has become as much a part of East London as the rhyming slang we take our name from. One of the first gallery spaces to exhibit international street art and artists, Nelly Duff is an East-end institution and edition house, nestled in London’s historic Columbia Road.
Not one for calm or convention, Nelly Duff deals in the unexpected and unprecedented. Whether it’s lecturing at LCC to setting screen print world records, it is promoting the reputation and talent of our artists that Nelly Duff values above all. For over a decade, we have been combining our knowledge of traditional and innovative printing techniques with artists all over to world to publish high quality editions. From being quoted on the 10 o’clock news, to a dark and derelict London car park, exhibiting old bangers transformed by our artists, Nelly Duff subscribes to a less orthodox ideology. With sell-out editions from Miss Van to Matt Small, Nelly Duff continues to fearlessly showcase the best of the contemporary urban arts from our corner of London."
Source: https://www.nellyduff.com/
Pictures : Nelly Duff Facebook @NellyDuffGallery
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