Created on April 8, 2021
Fundición de La Cruz, Linares, España


EUTERPE LA CRUZ Linares, Spain. 3 x 5 meter / Postneocubism

It seems that it was yesterday, when I saw for the first time in the bowels of some ruins those nine muses.

Euterpe was the first I met, cheerful and very friendly, leaving a melodic stele at every step I took. I was nervous and at the same time excited, I could not believe what my eyes and ears were happening, I was getting closer to her, feeling a pleasure and an unforgettable peace.

Here I present to you the portrait of that unmistakable muse in the same place as I saw it for the first time, in a small room inside the foundry of the Cross of LINARES.

Thank you Euterpe for your gift that evening, thank you for inspiring me.

Hunted by Karla Payán.

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