Created on August 23, 2020
Avenida General Manuel I. Vivanco 604, Lima District, Peru

Simon Bolivar

SIMON BOLIVAR was one of the most important figures of the emancipation of the South American regions under Spanish domain. 
He freed different countries, including Peru, where SEF was born and raised: "I'm fortunate to have been raised in the Pueblo Libre District, which was very close to the last Bolivar residence when he lived in Peru in 1823, and is now the Anthropology and Peruvian History Museum. 
I remember when I was very little, my brother and I would leave after school to go to  the Libertarors' Estate play with the plants, the shells, and also to see the portraits of the libertadors and Peruvian presidents, and pictures of carriages of the time. Those scenes left great impressions on my childhood.
Approaching the bicentennial of Peruvian independence, I wanted to interpret the main characters of the Liberators  Estate with my graffiti style and my theme of kids innocence."

Supported by municipality and district of Pueblo Libre.
sef.01—Simon Bolivarsef.01—Simon Bolivarsef.01—Simon Bolivar
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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