Created on September 24, 2023
Voorstraat 202, 8226 HA Lelystad, Pays-Bas


Lelystad is the capital of the province of Flevoland (Netherlands), who was entirely man-made, by draining the sea to create lands. I didn't want to represent a world under the sea, because the story of Lelystad takes place ABOVE the sea.

So here is my main character with a sailor suit, a giant buoy and small references to the Netherlands (clogs, braids, tulip tattoo). And of course the Delft blue, which is emblematic of the country, and has been a predominant theme in my work since years. It was a great opportunity to paint a wall in the Netherlands with this subject. I like to represent my characters with scratches and scars, broken like porcelain. I also made a reference to the lion/fish from the coat of arms. And also a silly cow with some goudas! 

Hunted by New User.
Pictures by Alexandra Heeremans.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon EOS R5
Marker typeartwork