Created on December 9, 2021
Agorahof 10-20, 8232 DP Lelystad, Nederland

Evening in Atlantis

This imposing mural is by artist Lars Ickenroth. The fitting title ‘evening in Atlantis’ is based on a great piece of music by pianist Esbjorn Svenson and resonates with a feeling of being underwater in the summer, looking up through the waves. Lars tried to portray this sensation in this awesome work, as well as a bit of personal history mixed with the history of Lelystad. The idea of the lion comes from the coat of arms of Lelystad in which two 'sea lions' are incorporated. The mural is part of the project '10 walls' by Writer's Block Murals in collaboration with the municipality of Lelystad. 
Lars Ickenroth—Evening in AtlantisLars Ickenroth—Evening in AtlantisLars Ickenroth—Evening in Atlantis
Hunted by Writer's Block.
Pictures by Jasper Pluim.

Marker details

Date created2021-12-09T23:00:00.000Z
Camera usedCanon EOS R
Marker typeartwork