Created on August 21, 2020
Via Ragusa, 1, 73100 Lecce, LE, Italia

a perfect house

You're looking at 2 great spotted woodpeckers. They are known for creating the perfect home and evironment and defending their territory.
The Red and yellow refer to the colors of Lecce. The mural can be seen when entering the 167 from the US Lecce stadion.

The 167 neighborhood - built in the late 70's to meet the many demands for social housing.
This mural is located right across the infamous former "L'Aula Bunker".

Characterized by its large buildings, it was an involuntary witness of the worst time in the 90's thanks to the transformation of the "Zimbalo" elementary school, located in the center of the neighborhood, into "L 'Aula Bunker". This was the basement building where all the processes took place against the fourth mafia, the "Sacra Corona Unita".

The militarization of the neighborhood and the slow abandonment of the only commercial activities in the area led to a sort of social "glaciation", only many years later, thanks to interventions to enhance the squares, streets and public green areas, attention began to be seen greater towards this piece of town.

Over 10 years 167bstreet is putting in great effort to make this zone a more attractive place to live. Part of this is the realization of murals since 2017.
Most of the architecture is pretty brutal with loads of concrete. The murals are a very welcome intervention which brighten up the area a lot!
Karski, Beyond—a perfect house
Hunted by Ania 167Bstreet.

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