Created on March 8, 2024
Place Pergaud, Rue des Allobroges, 73290 La Motte-Servolex, France


“Last week I went for a walk in Savoie and more precisely in La Motte Servolex, a small dormitory suburb of Chambéry.When I arrive, Eve was waiting for me, recently retired after more than 30 years of good and loyal service as an elected representative of the city's culture.

Seeing her sparkling gaze, her contagious smile, it didn't take me long to understand that this time I wouldn't have to look far for my muse. It took me a little more to convince her to let her photo be taken, the lady is tall but the lady is modest. And the idea of ​​being immortalized in 3x3 m in the city center alleviated his shyness.

A hot coffee and a discussion later she ended up accepting for my greatest happiness as well as that of all the Motterains who grew up with her cultural events.

I tried to transmit, as best as possible, all the energy, and all the positive vibes that Eve gives off around her and which continues to radiate the town even if she is no longer in office.My body was cold but my heart was warm. A great meeting to get this new year and its new batch of history off to a good start.

A big thank you to @kataction for inviting me. (special mention to Maélou your princess)

Thanks also to @fabecollage for the beautiful photos.

And of course, as always, a huge thank you to the muse of the stay, Eve, for your kindness, your generosity and your love”

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Hunted by Fabe Collage.
Pictures by FABECOLLAGE.

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