Created on July 24, 2021
Theaterpl. 1, 47798 Krefeld, Deutschland

Last Exit

"Last Exit", Seidenweberhaus, Krefeld by Eduardo Relero from Madrid in collaboration with Lydia Hitzfeld from Kevelaer as part of the "Silk City Gallery" and the Krefeld change of perspective under the artistic direction of Fredda Wouters from Kevelaer.

It is always said that the artists prepared their work a long time (at least in the form of a sketch) before going to a festival like this one. Not even close! The impressions of the “Theaterplatz” with the junkies inspired the two artists to create this work. 

Real people waiting for their next shot have been immortalized here.Lost souls who have shed their bourgeois life and only survive the day with a wide variety of drugs, but also a community that sticks to each other, to which one can still cling.The eyes of the addicts appear hollow and lifeless, like those of the undead, and the term “zombies” is often used by viewers. The addict's gaze goes nowhereThe bodies look gaunt and emaciated, and the end is, as the corpse shows very drastically. But is the end inevitable? 

No, the second part, the co-project of the two artists, the cat that goes through the cat flap (the part where it disappears is around the corner and comes from Lydia Hitzfeld), is the possibility to escape this death spiral of addiction ! This could be the social worker helping you find an apartment, a methadone program, or maybe a place to sleep for the night instead of sleeping on the street.

Sometimes it's the little things that can help you find a way out! The principle of hope!

Eduardo Relero (ES)—Last ExitEduardo Relero (ES)—Last ExitEduardo Relero (ES)—Last ExitEduardo Relero (ES)—Last ExitEduardo Relero (ES)—Last ExitEduardo Relero (ES)—Last Exit

Hunted by Raphael Mellen.