Created on October 23, 2018
улица Дзержинского, 99, Краснодар, Россия

"Spring "

it is the harmony of man with nature, with his home planet - this is the most important mission on earth. If there is no nature, then man will cease to exist. People from generation to generation, from ancient times, stored their accumulated knowledge about interaction with nature, about the use of its useful resources, about how it can feed and heal, warm and help, and how it can be angry. Especially important and sacred knowledge was kept by priests, shamans, healers, witches and elders in the family. They told what spirits live in the forests and seas, how trees, stones, mountains talk and what the changing wind whispers about. But with the rapid jump in technical development, many nations, unfortunately, have lost this precious knowledge. People hear TV and do not hear birds singing, can download applications on a smartphone, but have forgotten how to fish in the river with their own hands, do not understand medicinal herbs and edible mushrooms, come to the forest for a picnic, but at the same time do not notice its inhabitants
Gooze—"Spring " Gooze—"Spring " Gooze—"Spring "
Hunted by GOOZE #gooze_art.

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