Created on October 10, 2023
36 Katamatite Rd, Katamatite VIC 3649, Australia

Katamatite Silo

A heartwarming story of a small country town community working together to raise funds to put their town on the world street art map!

Through tireless fundraising and sustained enthusiasm, the residents  slowly but surely chipped away at their target and kept the dreams of the community alive.

With the mural completed in July 2023, the 1943 GrainCorp Katamatite silos depict the area’s pioneering history, indigenous cultural significance and the natural beauty of the Broken-Boosey State Park.
Tim Bowtell—Katamatite SiloTim Bowtell—Katamatite Silo
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Pictures by Virusfreak79 .

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Camera usedApple iPhone 12
Marker typeartwork