Created on January 1, 1970
Carrer de l'Estrella, 4, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spagna

NO FEAR for BLOOP Festival`s OpenAir.Gallery Project

Ino`s FUNK THE POWER for BLOOP Festival`s OpenAir.Gallery
2016 theme: NO FEAR

The OpenAir.Gallery is BLOOP Festival`s long-term project to convert an island into a real gallery under the blues skies of Ibiza. It is currently one of the oldest activities in the programme. It came to life as an urban requalification program for a city to change its urban landscapes.

The project started off with a sole mural back in 2011 and gradually but surely, more and more artists have been leaving their marks. Encouraging anybody who comes into the working radius of the mural “to think” and have their own take on a BLOOP`s social theme, on which all pieces are based on.

The collection has been adding contributions from artists from around the world such as the likes of Interesni Kazki, Phlegm, Okuda, INO, Spaik, David de la Mano & Pablo S Herrero, B-Toy, Bisser, Cuellimangui, Sabotaje al Montaje, Skount, Fikos, Gaucholadri and over 20 artists. The murals can be seen all year round without any admission fees, as “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY

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INO—NO FEAR for BLOOP Festival`s OpenAir.Gallery Project

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