Created on November 9, 2017
Emil-Maier-Straße, Heidelberg, Deutschland

Metropolink #22

Metropolink 2015, first huge wall in Heidelberg (33m)

Adrian Falkner aka Smash137 was born in Basel, Switzerland. In 1990, when he was only 11 years old, Smash137 discovered spray cans and painted his first wall. The Museum of Fine Arts in his hometown Basel, recognized his talent almost immediately and invited him to show his work – so, in 1997, Smash137’s first exhibition was held under the name A walk on the wild side.
Smash137 grew up mimicking and learning from a culture that he admired and connected with; he was drafted by the possession and love for the western calligraphy, so he became one of the most active writers in the world. Soon, his lettering adorned a lot of objects on public spaces with his signature with style and precision.

Smash137—Metropolink #22Smash137—Metropolink #22Smash137—Metropolink #22
Hunted by Willi Bender.

Marker details

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