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Bismarckplatz, Heidelberg, Deutschland

Metropolink #6

Quintessenz is an artist duo from Hannover and Berlin.
Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic met in 2006 at the HAWK Hildesheim and have worked together on projects in film, illustration and painting since 2008. The abstract works by Quintessenz are concerned with the environment of the field of emergence. They filter structures and compositions out of the room to translate them in an artistic way. The addition of color creates a contrast to the original environment. In this way, a subtle area of tension emerges, in which both artists can conduct further studies.

This work´s name is "collusion" and was produced for the third edition of Metropolink in 2017.

Quintessenz (GER)—Metropolink #6Quintessenz (GER)—Metropolink #6Quintessenz (GER)—Metropolink #6Quintessenz (GER)—Metropolink #6

Hunted by Willi Bender. Pictures by Fotos by Claus Geis Claus Geis.