Created on November 8, 2017
Ernst-Barlach-Straße 1, Sankt Leon-Rot, Deutschland

Metropolink part 5

LIMOW Based in Barcelona since 2005, Limow has participated in art festivals and has showed his work in different galleries and art fairs around Europe for the last years. In 2012 he started collaborating with the Willibender projekte, an art project based in Heidelberg, Germany.

Past and future, animals and humans in a characteristic and powerful style.

Limow combines studio works and urban projects, abstract and figurative stuff in an extraordinary line of work. Artworks made of staples, filters or pins play with material, size and optical effects in a minimal-barroque style; drawings and paintings mix alluring and dark, past and future, tracking uncanny relationships and stories between animals and humans in a characteristic and powerful style.

*1972 in Murcia (Spain),
lives and works in Heidelberg and Murcia.

This was LIMOW´s 2nd third wall for Metropolink, in St-Leon-Rot.

LIMOW—Metropolink part 5LIMOW—Metropolink part 5LIMOW—Metropolink part 5
Hunted by Willi Bender.
Pictures by Claus Geis.

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