Created on August 31, 2016
Hardtstraße 98, 69124 Heidelberg, Deutschland

Metropolink part 34

Anna Taratiel, previously known as Ovni, is a Spanish contemporary artist born in Barcelona (1982). She completed her study in graphic design at Vapor University, Terrassa, in 2002, as well as in painting from Escola La Llotja, in 2005, and MA in Art direction from Escola Elisava, Barcelona, in 2010. She has developed a particular style, dominated by colorful and abstract mental landscapes that live in the imaginary space. Using a wide range of simple materials like wood, cardboard, thread and painting she creates collages and installations that provoke an intriguing visual confusion between the two and three dimensions of space. Anna’s work is not about abstractions but about the creation of structures and layers in a fantasy world that’s almost tactile.

“My artistic path can be described through two main dimensions that have characterized my work: ‘organic’ and ‘geometric’. The organic shapes had been the focus in my earlier works, when the need for the search and the expression of the interior, emotional world was predominant. Afterword, a more rational and structured view gradually started to take over the impulsiveness of the beginning. More geometric lines slowly replaced the previous irregular figures and impossible shapes. This new representation of the outside world, instead of the inside one, has been influenced by urban landscapes and social structures. Currently, I’m going through a new explorative phase, where the organic shapes are silently coming back and gradually melt into the geometric sheltered world".
She painted for METROPOLINK in 2015.

Anna Taratiel—Metropolink part 34
Hunted by Willi Bender.

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